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Who we are and what we do…

pro2mate is an IT Service Management consultancy & Managed Solutions Provider with over two decades of experience supplying carefully curated services and offering expert advice to help MSPs and IT professionals get the absolute best from their PSA and RMM investment.

Expert Consultancy for IT Service Management

Watching businesses like yours succeed with PSA, RMM & automation technologies was the reason pro2mate was conceived, and we’ll never stop promoting how important a good implementation – tailored to the specific needs of your business and its clients – can truly be in setting your business apart from the competition. Don’t ignore the potential of your investment; let our knowledge and experience help you get the most out of your systems and turn your business into a well-oiled machine!

Whether you’re a Managed Service Provider, internal IT department or a non-IT related business with an interest in letting your technology work for you, pro2mate will help you develop and implement meaningful and functional operational processes and tools for your IT Management needs designed with longevity, scalability and ease-of-management at the top of mind.

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Meet Alex...

Meet Alex Bidhendy, Principal Consultant and Founder of pro2mate.

Bringing with him the benefits from over 25 years experience in the Managed Services industry, from Technical Support through to Operations Management, Alex’s career has seen him lead several successful IT Systems Transformation projects centred around PSA and RMM technology, heading up the design and deployment strategy for numerous large-scale Remote Management, Endpoint Security, Monitoring and Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions across hundreds of businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. During this time he has formed, mentored and trained multiple teams of expert technical staff to help many MSPs and IT Service businesses advance their use of Proactive technologies and gain a distinct competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

The skills that Alex has accumulated and maintained over the years have provided him with an expert understanding of multiple platforms, not tied to any one provider, enabling him to develop a varied and growing catalogue of innovative, flexible and scalable solutions for many of the common IT process management and monitoring challenges that MSPs face, without the limitations of just one product or area of expertise. This flexibility allows for an array of options that can be presented to his clients in order to help find the perfect fit for their organisation’s specific needs. In fact, numerous multi-million turnover businesses have already benefitted from Alex’s expert guidance, dedication, patience and tenacity, all thanks to his passion for the MSP journey and drive to help businesses realise the significant advantages such technology can bring.

It was Alex’s most recent role that would become one of his most eye-opening challenges to date – as Product Manager for Datto – working directly with one of the largest and fastest growing IT Security Software providers in the world, giving him an even deeper insight into the inner workings of these technologies and the unique opportunity to bring his own knowledge and experience from the ‘other side of the fence’ to help shape their flagship RMM product. It was here, following his involvement in multiple successful feature implementations, helping to deliver numerous improvements to existing functionality and his wider interactions with the vibrant MSP community that the idea for pro2mate was born.

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